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Next AAA Board Meeting:

Wednesday, May 18th @ 1:00 PM Mountain Time via Zoom 


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Governing Board

Archuleta County

Ronnie Maes, County Commissioner (1ST CHAIR)
Beverly Arrendell, Retired Teacher
Barbara Asprey, Retired Accountant (TREASURER)


Dolores County

Linda McCart, Farming
Julie Kibel, County Commissioner 


La Plata County

Sheila Casey, Retired Senior Services (SECRETARY)
Joyce Fontana, Nurse (2ND CHAIR)
Clyde Church, County Commissioner


Montezuma County

Rhonda Hatfield, Patient Navigator
Gerald Koppenhafer, County Commissioner
Sue Fletcher, Retired Senior Services (CHAIRPRSON)


San Juan County

Deanna Jaramillo, Social Services
Ernie Kuhlman, County Commissioner
Lois MacKenzie, Public Health Nurse

Regional Advisory Council on Aging



David Zappone, Delegate
VACANT, At-Large
Albert Northrop, Delegate



Gloria Klein, Delegate (VICE-CHAIR)

VACANT, At Large/Provider, Delegate
Barbara Saunders, Delegate (CHAIRPERSON)


La Plata

Susan Dahl, Delegate
Vicki Maestas, Delegate/Provider
Martha Johnson, At Large/Provider (SECRETARY)



Beverly Cunningham, Delegate
Jim Reser, Delegate/Provider
VACANT, At-Large/Provider


San Juan

Donna Perino, At-Large
Steve Pendleton, Delegate
Casey Carroll, Delegate

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